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"First time mom here and My first time visiting.....I kinda figured I would expect a large selection of clothes based on the other reviews but holy cow!...she has tons of clothes!!! Wall to wall with clothes and bins underneath the clothing racks because she has so much inventory. The owner had to walk me thru the selections and how to browse because it can appear overwhelming, but needless to say she was super friendly and eager to help...


I would highly recommend this place for your kids clothes...she will trade your old stuff for store credit or give you cash for your items she buys. Clothing ranges from $.99 to $15 based on brand. I walked out of there with 12 items of clothing for $25. She also has a deal of buy 6 items get the 7th free.


I will def return when I have my little one and am in need of purchasing bigger clothes and or seasonal items....


Strollers, bassinets, toys, books and shoes can also be found inside. Kinda like going to a must be prepared to browse and shuffle through stuff, but it is worth it to find brand new or like new items at a fraction of retail prices."

- Amber C.


"We just dropped off a few boxes of clothes and some baby items here and Kathy was so nice and helpful. Very friendly, we chatted for ages and she told us how she has had the store for 20 years!


It's a consignment store, not a Macy's, and I'm sure the owner isn't making tons and tons of money so comments about a bad website and whatever else people are negative about are just due to not having the budget for it I'm sure.


She does have trash cans under all the clothing, but they aren't trash cans - they are cute metal bins that look like trash cans that she stores the opposite seasons clothing in! It's actually a really great idea and this doesn't look bad at all, in fact you probably wouldn't notice unless it was pointed out to you. All in all, definitely come here to buy or sell clothes/items, she has loads of stuff!"

- Carolyn S.


"Went in this morning to find something cute for my daughter to wear to a luau this weekend.  Wow!! Could have bought the entire rack of adorable outfits. Found more than one Hawaiian style to pick from. Topping it off I found brand new baby shower gifts.  Deal!!! This store is owned by the most Amazing women.  Since she's a mother, she knows what parents want.  She buys items that other moms no longer need, and resells those top name items for prices that can't be beat!!! She's the only store owner that I know who offers a buy 6 get one free.  It's easy. And heres the best part. The free item is price matched to the single highest item you buy. Even my 8 year old can figure that part out. Thank you, Kathy for having your store in our community.  You are the type of American Female business owner President Trump endorses."

- Saralee B.


Great resource to find quality items for a steal!


"We spend a lot of time taking our newborn to visit grandma. We needed a duplicate set of everything but didn't want to re-buy everything brand new. We found all our branded items at Mothers at giveaway prices.


Our baby bouncer and bathtub were purchased for our baby registry at well over 80.00 USD off We found the exact same set at Mothers for ONLY 23.99 out the door!


Highly recommended and the owner is a sweetheart looking out for your best interests."

- Mark D.


"There is so much inventory in this store! Even hard to find items, like dance shoes, rain boots, and baseball pants. I was so excited to leave with two pairs of baseball pants for a bargain price! Kathy takes clothes from all seasons, which I love, because I don't have to hang on to out of season clothes and wait six months. Great store and great owner!"

- Lisa K.


"I've been here a few times. There is a great selection of maternity clothes, baby clothes, toys and furniture. I always make it a point to look here before buying something new at a store. I have also brought in to sell the clothes my baby has grown out of. The owner Kathy has been in business for over 20 years. She's friendly and  her prices are reasonable."

- Silvia V.


"We just spent some time here selling our gently used baby clothes and items. The owner was pleasant, personable, and very friendly. The store has pretty much anything parents of young kids could possibly want, from clothes, toys, movies, games, bikes, shoes and even maternity clothes. My wife and I got a good deal with the clothes we turned in and we will plan on coming back. If you need any baby items, this is the place to go to."

- Bryan S.

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