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Mother's Secret

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Mother's secret and Wear the secret

We're only mom owned & operated. We are Anti-Corporate.

Our store is a little on the hippie side! We're different. We are all about recycling.

Est. March 1996

Mother's Secret is ran by an experienced mom of 6 and a grandma of 5 and is dedicated in  helping moms, dads and grandmas on a budget (and even the aunties).

We're always overstocked

Get ready to feel like your on a treasure hunt because we have bins, bins full of clothes, toys and etc. We're your one stop shop because we carry pretty much everything you need.

We're your recycle store. Go green.

Adult clothing

We carry all brands

Fall in love with recycling

Not only does recycling save you money, it saves our planet.

Seasonal clothing

Summer, Winter, Fall

we have it all

Trade your cool, hip, trendy clothes, shoes, and accessories.

We carry cute, clean and

in-style clothing for people on a budget.

Recycled fashion for everyone

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Our Inventory is HUGE